Clement Art School is mainly focus on creativity but we would like to teach “first copying techniques and then creative” methods for our students. Actually, learning art is like learning English writing. When you want to have good writing skills, you need to read more books to explore your view. Furthermore you have to learn more vocabularies through a couple of years in order to write a brilliant essay.

Just like a songwriter, he can’t write a good melody at very early stage. He has to learn music theory and scales. ‘Practice makes perfect.’. After he can master it well he then can create exciting musical composition.

Master Picasso also started to learn sketching first, he finally became the representative individual of Creative Art.

Clement Art School has established for over 20 years. Throughout these years, we kept on create, improve and compile our course in order to find out the most appropriate teaching method for students.

We hope each student can learn as much as they can during each lessons, and let the students explore our creativity world.

Our teaching method is to let the students have good drawing skills first. After having good drawing skills and observing different creative methods, students will have confidence in themselves to integrate their drawing skills and creativity in art development.

Our beginner, intermediate and advanced level are mainly focus on drawing techniques so that they can express their creative accurately and freely. After advanced level, they will have a certain level of drawing foundation. At the last stage of advanced level course, we mainly concentrate on creative painting.

Letting students to follow our creative drawing syllabus is differ from let the students draw and doodle. Our creative “Clement Art comprehensive courses” are different from others, we adjust and improve lots of traditional art teaching method but retain their advantage of drawing skills.

Our creative art course become more plentiful and complete, we hope our course can start children’s creative talent.

All of the above is our Clement Art School’s principle and hope parents will consent to our idea and principle.